Paper Submission
Trigger-Wave Collision Detecting Asynchronous Cellular Logic Array for Fast Image Skeletonization
  Przemyslaw Mroszczyk, Piotr Dudek, The University of Manchester

A Blink Restoration System with Contralateral EMG Triggered Stimulation and Real-Time Software
  Based Artifact Blanking
  Jun Jia, Xin Yi, Mengde Wang, Guoxing Wang, Simin Deng, Guofang Shen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

1st place
Gesture-Based Remote Control Using Stereo Pair of Dynamic Vision Sensors
  Junhaeng Lee, Paul K. J. Park, Chang-Woo Shin, Hyunsurk Ryu, Byung Chang Kang, Samsung Electronics;
  T. Delbruck, Michael Pfeiffer, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich

2nd place
Real-Time 360° Panoramic Views Using BiCa360, the Fast Rotating Dynamic Vision Sensor to up to 10 Rotations per Sec
  A.N.Belbachir, M. Mayerhofer, D. Matolin, AIT Austria Institute of Technology;
J. Colineau, THALES Research & Technology