Paper Submission

Young Hwan Kim

Liang-Gee Chen

Wouter A. Serdijn


National Taiwan University,
Delft University of Technology,
The Netherlands

On behalf of the technical committee of the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2012), we welcome you to Seoul, the wonderful city where skyscrapers and ancient palaces exist together.

The technical program this year consists of regular lecture and poster sessions, special sessions, keynote presentations, live-demos, tutorials, and a student paper contest. Its regular technical program spans the traditional areas of interest of the Circuits and Systems (CAS) Society that have been organized in 14 tracks that mostly coincide with the Technical Committees of the IEEE CAS Society. It consists of 102 lecture and 56 poster sessions. In addition to the technical program, we are pleased to have 15 exciting special sessions on a variety of CAS topics. For the ninth consecutive year, ISCAS 2012 is hosting an interactive session on live demonstrations of circuits and systems. The technical program was the result of the effort and dedication of many individuals and we would like to express our sincere thanks for everyone that helped to make ISCAS 2012 a fruitful experience for all attendees.

Authors from all over the world will be attending ISCAS 2012, where their latest research results will be presented. The papers originate from 53 different countries, making this symposium one of the best opportunities for interaction among the experts in the area of circuits and systems from around the world.

A total of 1,651 papers were submitted for the regular tracks, from which 741 high quality papers were accepted. This corresponds to an acceptance rate of 44.9%, in line with current CAS guidelines. For all tracks, including the special and live demo sessions, 1,760 papers were submitted, from which 822 were accepted, being 46.7%. The fact that the acceptance rate has been kept well below 50% clearly highlights the intent of the CAS Society to improve the quality and reputation of its flagship conference. A total of 6,198 reviews from all over the world were received, which gives an average of 3.5 independent reviews per paper.

The ISCAS 2012 technical committee put particular efforts in organizing cutting-edge tutorials. This year, we have 12 half-day tutorials offered by leading experts and pioneers from industry and academia in the field of circuits and systems. Furthermore, continuing our tradition on keynote presentations, ISCAS 2012 features exciting keynote presentations from worldwide high profile experts, being Dr. Nam-Sung Woo (Samsung Electronics), Prof. Chenming Hu (UC Berkeley), and Prof. Roland Thewes (TU Berlin).

We want to thank the people who have contributed to the high quality of the technical program. Special thanks go to the 31 Track Chairs and Co-Chairs of the 16 Tracks, the 345 Review Committee Members and 3,172 reviewers. We would like also to specially express our gratitude to the Special Session Chairs, Prof. Andy (Jinyong) Chung, Prof. Yong Lian, and Prof. Gerald E. Sobelman, who put considerable effort to coordinate the entire review process for the special session papers. We also thank Tutorial Co-Chairs, Prof. Hang-Geun Jeong, Prof. Nam Ling, and Prof. Mohamad Sawan, for putting together an exciting set of topics and speakers, and are also thankful to the Plenary Chairs, Prof. Kiyoung Choi, Prof. Dong S. Ha, and Prof. David Allstot, for making possible our three high profile keynote presentations.

The entire review process was carried out using a professional on-line, web-based review system, which has been essential in achieving the high quality and timely reviews, and for this we thank Tom Wehner, who has in addition been extremely helpful and competent every time we needed his assistance. For the wonderful arrangement and coordination of all conference related matters, we thank J.C. Park. Finally, we would like to thank the authors for their effort in submitting excellent contributions that have resulted in a high quality and exciting technical program.

We sincerely wish you a technically sound, very exciting, and enjoyable conference in Seoul, the wonderful city with great mix of old and modern cultures. Feel the spirit of “The Land of Morning Calm” and appreciate the beautiful palaces of Choson dynasty in Seoul during your stay. Also, enjoy everything of “50 reasons why Seoul is the world’s greatest city” suggested by CNN.

Young, Liang-Gee, and Wouter