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An exciting social program is planned at ISCAS 2012 drawing on the rich cultural heritage of Korea.

Attention: Children under the age of 18 will not be allowed at the social functions, and ALL attendees must have nametag. 


Time: 17:00-18:00
Place: Room 317C, COEX


Time: 18:30-
Place: Grand Ballroom 1~5 (1F), COEX
Food, drinks and CASS Band will welcome ISCAS 2012 attendees.


Time: 19:00-
Place: : Sabrina Hall (2F), DIAMANT

This event will be held at DIAMANT and it takes about 20 minutes by walk from COEX.


Time: 18:30-
Place: Grand Ballroom 1~5 (1F), COEX

Conference banquet will offer you a good opportunity to promote friendship with all attendees. Delicious food, unforgettable performances will be offered at the banquet. An invitation to the banquet is extended to all attendees including registered students.


4MINUTE, one of most famous K-pop groups, will offer unforgettable performances at the banquet.

Official Website & Music Video (click here)


Jeollabuk-do Institute for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, a top performing group in Korea, will perform hilarious Korean traditional music and dance.


Time: 18:00-
Place: National Museum of Korea (

The National Museum of Korea is a place where you can explore the essence of Korean arts and culture. The museum combines Korean history, life, and arts, from hand axes of the Paleolithic period, to celadons of the Goryeo dynasty, to paintings of the Joseon dynasty, to modern photography.

After cultural exploration, Korean traditional food and traditional music performance will bid farewell to ISCAS 2012 attendees, inviting them to return for ISCAS 2013.


* Free Buses to the National Museum of Korea
Boarding Time: 16:15~17:00pm
Place: between COEX Main building and Trade Tower