Paper Submission

Because live demonstrations must be actually demonstrated to be publishable as such, demo no-shows will not have their demo paper or demo description listed in IEEE XPlore (and their papers will be pulled from the online ISCAS proceedings).

All presenters will be provided with a place for their demo with a pin wall for a poster, a table and a power outlet (Korean format which uses 2 pin Korean plug

Bring adapters/power strip for the power outlet if necessary! Bring your own additional monitors, illumination, etc. if needed. You cannot count on any particular lighting so plan accordingly for vision demonstrations. For auditory demonstrations, remember that the demo space will be very noisy. You also cannot count on fast (or necessarily any) internet access. You may also bring additional props, e.g. bare die, wafer, PCBs, etc.

Bring a poster (landscape aspect ratio, according to the Poster Guidelines) to support your demo. Your poster should be minimal in terms of text and should have demo title, creators, with illustrations to support your talking points. NO ONE WILL READ YOUR DETAILED TEXT!   Most people put far too much text and detail on their poster - aim for something people can view standing 3 meters away. You poster should guide people to your demo and then only support your verbal explanations of the functioning of your demonstration, and need not be self contained!  The quality of your poster and illustrations which support your explanation of your demonstration can count towards judging your demo for the best demo award.  Even more important, we have found that it is much more effective if you have printed out on heavy stock a few key illustrations to hold while explaining aspects of your demonstration to your audience of usually 2-4 people at one time

Make a plan on showing 2 to 5 minutes demonstrations throughout the demo session. Demos can be set up in the session before the demo session, and must be dismantled after the demo session.  For additional questions, contact the demo organizers, Kyoungork Cho, Jongsun Park and Tobi Delbruck. ( - cell phone +82 10 4170 2368,, - cell phone +41 78 875 7600).