Paper Submission

Myung Hoon Sunwoo

Sung-Mo (Steve) Kang

Ajou University,

University of California, Santa Cruz
Welcome to ISCAS 2012 and Seoul, Korea- the Land of the Morning Calm

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are very pleased and honored to welcome you to Seoul and the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2012). Korea, often referred to as the Land of the Morning Calm, has become one of the leading countries in IT, and Seoul is in the center of all the dynamic changes.

We have chosen the “Convergence of BINET (Bio, Info, Nano, and Enviro Technology)” as the theme of ISCAS 2012. . Owing to this globally important theme, ISCAS 2012 has attracted 1,760 paper submissions from academia and industry all over the world. The Technical Program Co-Chairs, Professors Young Hwan Kim, Wouter A. Serdijn and Liang-Gee Chen, have done a fabulous job to assemble a great technical committee which in turn has prepared the technical program to best support the conference theme. Also the student paper contest and the live demo contest have attracted high quality contributions to further enhance the technical program.

We are pleased to announce the keynote speeches by three world-renowned researchers. On Monday, Dr. Nam-Sung Woo, President & General Manager of Samsung Electronics, will speak on "Smart Mobile Devices and Semiconductor Solution: Past, Present and Future." On Tuesday, Prof. Chenming Hu, TSMC Distinguished Professor of Microelectronics at the University of California at Berkeley, USA, will speak on "FinFET and New Scaling Path to Small Size and Low Power", and on Wednesday, Prof. Roland Thewes of the TU Berlin, Germany will speak on "CMOS Devices for Smart Biomedical Purposes –The Next Big Things?" Ten state-of-the-art tutorials have been prepared to meet the intellectual demands and curiosity of the attendees. In recognition of outstanding contributions, awards will be presented to the best papers. ISCAS 2012 hosts the first-ever joint event of the 'PhD/GoLD', and the 'WiCAS Panel Discussion and Networking Event' on May 21 to provide opportunities for research links and networking among the participants.
We are also very pleased to proudly offer memorable social events for your enjoyment. The CASS Band, the first-ever organized band consisting of CASS members, Wouter A. Serdijn, Dave Skellern, Eduard Alarcon, Massimo Alioto, and singers including Myung et al., from all over the world will perform familiar melodies and songs at the Welcome Reception. We are very pleased to present “4MINUTE”, one of the top-class K-POP idols enlisted as the most-favored group for the events in Korea, performing their popular songs at the Banquet. We are very proud of hosting this event, especially since it was made possible after a long period of negotiation with significant help from the Korea Tourism Organization. At the Banquet Jeollabuk-do Institute for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, a top performing group in Korea, will perform hilarious Korean traditional music and dance. The Farewell party will be held at the Korea National Museum to provide you an unforgettable opportunity to experience the Korea cultural tradition with your friends and families. Please be ready to be impressed by this cultural event of mingling and dining together at this Farewell Party.

ISCAS 2012 has truly been a team effort. We extend our special thanks to authors for their outstanding contributions, and heartfelt thanks to the CASS Board of Governors, the Executive Committee, and the ISCAS Steering Committee for their support and cooperation. The members of the Organizing Committee have devoted countless hours, days, months, and years to make ISCAS 2012 unique, special, and memorable. We are deeply indebted to the local OC for their unselfish devotion and efforts to make ISCAS 2012 unique and rewarding. Very special thanks are due to the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, City of Seoul, Ajou University, Samsung Electronics, SK Telecom, and many contributing institutes for their most generous supports for ISCAS 2012.

We sincerely wish that ISCAS 2012 will bring you to the forefronts of BINET technologies and Korean culture. We look forward to witnessing your active participation to explore and enjoy this year’s ISCAS in Seoul.


Myung Hoon Sunwoo and Sung-Mo (Steve) Kang